Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my shit

ok ive quit my job already, i have to make a big chioce, in my life, i have to end up moving out of my house that i love, its been a money pitt. this to shall pass.


R said...

"this TOO shall pass."

TOO as is: this also-

Get a clothespin.
A box.
Another box.
Roll of tape.
BigO marker.

pirategirl said...

Jennifer remember: There is nothing to dirty to clean up.Also there is nothing to broke that can not be fixed.
With money as tight as it is these days ,you could blog on it forever...This I do understand--I know your pain..Just this year I have replaced
my air conditioner,coffe pot,telephone,washer,dryer,stove,water heaters, and the battery in my car.
Never give up!!
Where there is a will there is away!!!!!!!!!

Rachael said...

HOME is where your HEART is. You put your heart where ever you go.

R said...

who is your banker!
Bless your heart.

Mandy said...

It's all good Jenn. Life will continue. Besides, God doesn't put anything in your path that He knows that you can't handle.

R said...

Or anything you can't shovel -

Anonymous said...

this to WILl and has passed

R said...

Snap into reality here- get this changed!
Your readers are craving another post!
We depend on you for MORE smelly news!

We Want another post!
WE want another post!
WE Want another Post!

R said...