Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Jenn asked that I (The One and Only Rachael) update her blog for you... faithful readers. Mostly because a.) she has been reallllly busy taking care of herself and everyone else, b.) because she has no internet service at Chez Dias currently, and c.) because I think both of those are a really laaaame excuse for not updating your blog. SERIOUSLY.

So - here's what's been up in Jenn's life....

Hmmm.... where to begin....

The entire septic /sewer system at her house finally called it quits. And when it decided it was time to officially retire from use, it did not do so .... um, gracefully. It was muddy. And messy. And deep. A couple of thousand dollars later, and several gallons of bleach - and I think The Dias House is now functioning on the county sewer system.


Jenn's house has also been chock full o' company for the past two weeks. This is a good thing. Lots of cookin and cleanin and general hostessin'.

OH! And she got a job. Where she actually works and makes real live money.

And, last but not least of course, there was the unexpected arrival of The Nephew - Landon, last Friday. Jenn hasn't left my side and his biggest cheerleader. She watched him arrive, take his first (albeit tiny) breath and went with him up to the NICU to make sure he was okay.

**Oh. And I should add (per request of Mimi and Jenn). When asked if there was a "daddy" involved in the NICU, Jenn promptly spoke up and said "I'M THE DADDY." She cut the cord, so, I am pretty sure she can take on the role. **

She wears many hats, Jennifer. So sometimes I gotta give her a break a little about her blog being as stale as day old loaf bread.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my shit

ok ive quit my job already, i have to make a big chioce, in my life, i have to end up moving out of my house that i love, its been a money pitt. this to shall pass.

hes walking

ok everyone, heres jackson walking

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

working moms everywhere

i havent been there in a while. its so hard to work all day then have baby duty till bed time.
oh yea thats my dog in the air thanks rach.